Our Investment Approach

DREF – Deutsche Real Estate Funds™ invests in the future of education in Germany. Finally, Germany is becoming ever more popular as a place to study. The high quality of life, comparatively low tuition fees and above all the good career prospects after completing studies provide for a growing number of students at German institutions of higher education.

This trend is giving rise to a substantial shortage in the supply of high-quality yet affordable accommodation. Against this background, we invest in existing student residences or properties which are suitable for conversion into such student accommodation.



The investment criteria ofDREF – Deutsche Real Estate Funds are defined by our own research and subject to ongoing adjustment. In principle, the following fundamental criteria apply to our decisions:

  • We assign a great deal of importance to the quality of a building’s structural fabric.
  • At least 10,000 full-time students must be enrolled at the university of the town or city concerned.
  • The accommodation ratio and the vacancy rate in a university city are to be below the nationwide average.
  • The distance from the property to the university must not be more than 15 minutes by bicycle. Public transport has to be available in the direct vicinity.